Sleeper 2 - Painting

Most of this week was spent painting the case with a flat black rust preventive spray paint. This time, I decided to have more coverage because of the rust issues, and ended up only masking off the back panel of the case.
Painted Case

After leaving it to dry for a little over a full day, I pulled off the tape to check on everything. Only a little overspray around some of the vent holes, and some drip marks in areas not normally seen which is good enough for me.
Case Unmasked

The side/top panels we also painted black on the insides. This was a particularly difficult one to work with, since it is all a single U-shaped piece. While I had the case up on my desk, I decided to mount a few things to get them out of the way. I installed a 80mm fan in the front housing, reattached the front bezel, and mounted the 5.25” USB panel in the middle drive bay.
Case Profile

The only piece left unpainted so far is the removable motherboard tray. Unfortunately it will have to wait for a while since I need to cut the bars of the PCI-E slots out, and drill holes for the watercooling pass-through fittings. Not too sure when I will be able to get that done as I don’t have the right size drill bit for the EK fittings, and we are heading into the cold winter where it is too cold to paint.

Sleeper PC 2 Images