Windows Terminal Profiles

Microsoft’s Windows Terminal is an interesting new open source software that I have been using now for all my console and terminal project needs. It makes it convenient to keep different applications, such as a web server, database software, and client application, running from different consoles grouped into the same window. Boosting this is the ability to use different terminals inside the application all at once, like a wsl instance, powershell, and command prompt tab if I go off the previous example. While the settings for the Windows terminally usually are synced with your Microsoft Account, I have hosted a copy of the profiles I use for others to see and take example of, which includes profiles for launching Powershell, Powershell Core, Command Prompt, Azure Cloud Shell, and Ubuntu 18.04 in WSL. There are also a number of color schemes which can be used in any of the terminals, as well as customized shortcut keys.

Profile list

Ubuntu WSL

Azure Shell